Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how Arus Investments handles your investments? At Arus, we provide a wide range of investment management services to help you achieve your financial goals. You'll have access to diverse investment strategies, expert advice, and the flexibility to regularly review and adjust your portfolio.

Curious about self-managing your investments with Arus Investments? We believe in empowering you to make decisions on your terms. Even if you prefer managing your assets independently, you can leverage our professional research, insights, platforms, and dedicated service specialists. Utilize our online tools, extensive research, expert insights, and dedicated support to make informed financial decisions.

How does Arus Investments protect your funds? Your funds are safeguarded in a separate account at a top-tier bank, ensuring their security.

Concerned about insurance coverage? In the unlikely event of non-payment by Arus Investments, our insurance can be activated, allowing eligible clients to file a claim within specific limits and guidelines outlined in our Client's Disclosure and Policy.

What sets Arus Investments apart? We approach investments with a fresh perspective, emphasizing inquiry, proactivity, and taking control of your financial destiny. Every action and decision is guided by trust and the perspective of our clients.

Do you need to make a deposit to activate your account? You can access your account once your application is approved and verified via email. However, ensure your account has sufficient funds to initiate an investment.

Can you view your account history? Yes, you can review your transaction history by selecting 'Wallet.'

What's the processing time for withdrawals? Withdrawal requests are typically processed within 1-3 hours, with payment timing depending on the chosen method and third-party remitter processing times.

Is there a commitment period for investments? There's no fixed commitment period; it depends on factors like your chosen investment plan and financial needs. However, stock market-related investments are advisable to retain for 3 to 5 years.

Can you earn income from your investment? Yes, you can generate income depending on your financial requirements and plan, which we'll discuss when selecting the most suitable investment option.

Wondering about the maximum number of accounts allowed? Investors are limited to one account each.

How can you track your investment progress? Monthly or annual statements are issued by financial institutions, and we provide online access for real-time valuation.

How do mutual funds grow your money? Mutual Funds predominantly invest in equities or debt, chosen to optimize returns for investors.

New to cryptocurrency? Our resource center can guide you through the basics, explaining how it's changing the world of finance.

Are there fees associated with investing with Arus Investments? The only fee required is the withdrawal fee from your financial institution.

What are the minimum and maximum investment amounts? The minimum is $200, and the maximum is $100,000,000.00.

What cryptocurrencies are available for investing with Arus Investments? Our platform supports various cryptocurrencies, currencies, and tokens.

Curious about the Arus Investments Affiliate Program? It offers commissions to individuals who refer new clients, allowing you to share referral links on social media.

How do you join the Affiliate Program? Simply create an account with Arus Investments and generate your unique referral link.

Who can participate in the Affiliate Program? It's open to all Arus Investments clients and content creators with qualifying websites or mobile apps.

Is the Affiliate bonus recurring? Yes, you receive a referral bonus each time a new deposit is made by a client you referred.

When will the affiliate commission be paid? It's credited to your account as soon as the client you recommended invests.

How many people can you refer? There's no limit, but rules may be modified by Arus Investments.

Can you still earn a commission if a user registers without your link? Contact our Support Team for assistance in such cases.

Who can become a client? Anyone 18 years or older can become a client.

How do you become a client? Simply create an account and provide the necessary information.

Can you create a demo account? Yes, it's free after completing the registration process.

Encountering registration issues? Ensure correct information and terms agreement, and contact support if needed.

How long does it take to activate your account? Immediately upon completing registration.

Are there investment limits or verification processes? Clients can invest any desired amount with no restrictions.

How do you manage your account? Use the navigation button on the website.

Can you modify login information? Yes, you can change your password.

Forgot your password? Use the password recovery link or contact support.

How to make a deposit? Log in, click "Fund," select currency, enter amount, and complete the transaction.

When is the deposit activated? It should be immediate, with minor delays possible.

Where to learn about investment strategies? Explore our portfolio page.

Can you make multiple investments? Yes, as many as you desire.

Can you reinvest profits? Absolutely, directly from your account balance.

How to withdraw funds? Log in, click "Wallet," select currency, amount, and complete the withdrawal request.

When do withdrawals appear in your payment account? They're processed instantly.

If a withdrawal is delayed? Contact support for assistance.

Are there withdrawal restrictions? No, there are no restrictions.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount? Yes, $200.

Are there withdrawal fees? No, we do not charge withdrawal fees.

When do you receive your affiliate bonus? Upon verification of the referred client's transaction.